The use of Viagra and Kamagra for women is the subject of current research by drug manufacturer Pfizer. The effectiveness of the blue wonder pill is currently being reviewed in several clinical trials at various international medical centers. Voluntary women between the ages of 25 and 50, who participate in the pilot studies, suffer from sexual dysfunction of varying severity and severity. Based on the fact that the physical and biochemical processes for the development of sexual arousal in men and women are almost identical, the effect of Kamagra on the function of the female reproductive organs is examined. So far, it is believed that the numerous disorders of the normal female cycle of excitement have mainly mental causes. But it must not be forgotten that there are also physical sexual disorders in women. These erectile disorders can in turn trigger psychological problems and reinforce existing ones. The sexes do not differ fundamentally in the responsiveness for sexual stimuli. Visual and visual stimuli, touches of the breasts, clitoris and labia, as well as sexual fantasies and fantasies can trigger the arousal process.

The impulses coming from the brain prepare the female reproductive organs for penile penetration. In the excitation phase, there is an increasing moistening of the vagina. The increased blood flow of the small pelvis causes the labia to swell and fill the cavernosum of the clitoris with blood. This enlarges the clitoris and erect. The posterior two-thirds of the vagina dilate and the uterus is raised. The smooth running of these complex processes involves many different factors: current life situation, mental state, hormone status, state of health, responsiveness to individual sexual stimuli, previous experiences, experiencing one’s own sexuality and education. We recommend to buy kamagra without prescription only on HelpingHand – the best european online pharmacy.

Most girls and women are precocious compared to men, but they take longer to cope with their role as a woman. Thus, many women experience the peak of their sexual activity in the middle of the fourth decade of life. The causes of a physically impaired female sexuality include:

  1. Painful sensations during or after intercourse due to lack of moistening of the vagina
  2. Vaginismus, a reflex defense reaction that leads to a spasm of the pelvic floor muscles
  3. Malformations of the female genitalia

Studies have shown that 58 percent of all sexually active women feel pain during intercourse due to a lack of moisturizing the vagina. Just as many report that they have difficulty getting orgasm. In addition, some complain about an unsatisfactory clitoral stimulability. These restrictions on sexual experience mean a high loss of quality of life for the women affected.

The efficacy of Kamagra, such as the potency remedy, is currently in the second phase of clinical trials. Pfizer has announced that 500 volunteers are currently checking the effect. Especially older women with circulatory disturbances of the small pelvis are involved in the study. In autumn 1998 the first results are expected. Patients receive sildenafil under medically controlled conditions. They document the changes in their sexual functioning in a diary.

If Kamagra also supports the functions of natural arousal in women, a new era of sexual experience and sensation may begin for some sufferers. Especially older women could be helped again to sexual experience and satisfaction.

What is Kamagra?