ED Problems

Every day we receive such news: A purchase on the Internet is not only uncertain, but also dangerous. Scammers who rip off potential buyers lurk everywhere.

Be sure that you take no chances with us. Potency drugs such as Kamagra or Sildenafil Citrate are offered by us only in approved online pharmacies. This status of the approved and approved online pharmacies means that the products can be purchased directly from the manufacturer and do not need to be sourced from third party suppliers or sources from third world countries. Your health is very important to us. That is why we proceed in this way. We do not tolerate any room for negotiation in this case. You will receive only original products in our online pharmacy. For this reason, there are no single tablets or already opened blister packs. For orders from abroad, especially from India, this can certainly be the case. There, the tablets are sold individually and therefore unpacked before. However, we can not understand this and certainly not represent it.

Customs clearance is also a major problem. If your consignment, which you ship from abroad, is inspected by Customs, which is about 80% of the time, you will be called to Customs and asked to open the package. A customs official will look at you. If they receive the potency from overseas, they must be cleared according to the value of the manufacturing value. Subsequently, the drugs are disposed of, which is lawful.

We can assure you that through our online pharmacy you will only receive tested products from original manufacturers. You will receive the order directly from us and shipping costs as well as customs problems will not occur. This is exactly how the purchase of power resources has to go.

With us you get Kamagra.

How often can you take Kamagra or Sildenafil Citrate?

The frequency of ingestion depends on what pleasure and what options you have. A daily intake is not recommended by us. If you take Kamagra or Sildenafil Citrate two or three times a week, there’s nothing wrong with that. You should treat yourself to pleasure and intimacy. You do not become dependent on Kamagra. In general, physical dependencies of sexual enhancers are unknown. It is important that you test how sensitive you are when taking it, because the effect is person-dependent. At the beginning you should therefore take only half a tablet and test whether it is tolerated or not. Accordingly, the dosage can be gradually increased gradually.


What is the probability of such an unpleasant side effect as the visual disturbance? How long does it take?

As a rule, the visual disturbance is detected in 11% of cases. This condition usually lasts from a few minutes to several hours. This condition is usually observed in patients with bright eyes.

Does the probability of failure depend on the drug dose?

In fact, a direct relationship has been found between the dose and the possibility of transitional disorders. Increased perception of light, dominance of blue and green hues, blurredness are most commonly found in patients who have taken large doses of over 100 mg.

Does this drug affect the concentration and ability to drive vehicles?

There were no cases of reduction in concentration when taking Kamagra. But because of the possibility of visual disturbances during the treatment, which are manifested by the blurredness, one must be careful at the beginning of therapy and after the dosage enlargement. In addition, Kamagra’s ability to lower arterial blood pressure is also a factor that indirectly affects concentration and reaction rate.

Recommendations for the use of Kamagra