By inhibiting phosphodiesterase type 5, Kamagra presumably improves the circulation of the female reproductive organs. It is possible that the clitoris, the vagina and the two labia pairs are better supplied with blood by dilating the small pelvic arteries. The clitoral corpus would thus be more filled with blood, which increases the willingness to stimulate and erigibility of the clitoris and thus the intensity of sexual sensations. Similar to a male, this effect is likely to occur only when adequate sexual stimulation leads to the triggering of the central brain-controlled arousal process. Kamagra will, if anything, support the natural erections of the female erection. To what extent the moistening ability of the vagina is favored, the investigations have yet to show. The prerequisite for a safe intake is a thorough medical examination. Healthy women suffering from erectile dysfunction should by no means “try Kamagra”, since serious, even life-threatening side effects and interactions must be expected. The mechanism of action, type and frequency of side effects can only be assessed when the first studies are available based on the ongoing studies. Women who are less physically resilient due to cardiovascular disease will only be able to use sildenafil to a limited extent. Nitrate-containing medicines, in combination with Kamagra, as well as its male companions, can cause life-threatening circulatory disorders. A sudden drop in blood pressure could lead to a fatal cardiovascular failure.

In principle, women are given the same warnings when taking Kamagra 100/50 mg as men. A female sexuality and expectation changed by emancipation and sexual education in recent years also makes the misuse of Kamagra by women likely. The future will show whether the “more rational part of humanity” can escape the temptations and promises of Kamagra fueled by the media. The effectiveness of sildenafil is generally difficult to check in women. The male erection is easier to recognize as an effect on the humectability of the vagina or an improved irritability of the clitoris. Meanwhile, several reports have been published on the effects of Kamagra in women with sexual dysfunctions, and more are being given daily. These are mostly testimonials from women who have procured and tried Kamagra on their own initiative. According to several reports on the internet and other media, some women reportedly experienced a marked increase in sexual sensation under the influence of sildenafil. Others report disappointed at the absence of any significant increase in their sexual functions. The sources of these reports are often dubious and difficult to verify.

These contradictory messages are not credible. Probably most of the products are skilled shopkeepers. On the other hand, there are increasing serious indications of the effectiveness of Kamagra in women. After the contraceptive pill, this could be the second sexual revolution of the woman in sight.

Future applications for women

If initial evidence of the effects of Kamagra is confirmed in ongoing studies, sildenafil may become a valuable drug in the treatment of sexual dysfunction in women. The application would be conceivable in patients with circulatory disturbances. The deterioration of the blood circulation is usually the result of a disease-related arteriosclerosis of blood vessels in the pelvis. These changes in the bloodstream are usually caused by the general risk factors of arteriosclerosis. Certainly lipid metabolism disorders, diabetes mellitus and cardiovascular diseases also play a role. To what extent Kamagra can help with changes in the complex female hormone balance through menopause or surgical removal of the ovaries and uterus will be followed up by further studies.

If the organic effects of Kamagra were to occur in women as well, the dogma long accepted by men could be shaken by the mainly psychological causes of erectile dysfunction of women. Certainly Kamagra offers the opportunity to gain new insights into the natural processes of arousal and their disturbances in women.

Kamagra for women